This is why I'm Libertarian.

Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and the Pursuit of Happiness

What would you do about COVID-19, shutdowns, and masks?
I would let businesses decide whether to be open and when, where, and how masks must be worn. Customers could then make their own choices about where to go or not go based on those individual policies.

What would you do about a vaccine?
I won't pretend to be America's pharmacologist in chief. Vaccine providers must do their job, and then individual Americans should be free to decide whether or not to take the resulting vaccines.

What would you do about the economy?
The private sector uses resources better than the government. So I would cut government spending dramatically and put those resources back into the productive economy.

What would you do about taxes?
I will cut taxes as fast as I can. Individual Americans will make better use of the money.

What would you do about race relations in America?
Great Society programs destroyed black families. Then the Nixon administration launched the drug war to further devastate the black community. Then Senator Biden passed a crime bill that placed huge numbers of black men behind bars. I would end the drug war and all the other laws that police use to harass black people.

How would you change policing in America?
I would repeal all victimless crime laws, so police would have fewer reasons to hassle people. I would also outlaw qualified immunity so that police can be held responsible for the consequences of their actions. The result would be fewer dead citizens and fewer dead cops.

What would you do about the protests?
The Democrats and Republicans both use laws to impose things on people against their will. This makes people angry. I would work to repeal all such laws, thereby reducing the anger.

What would you do about global warming?
Increased use of nuclear power would do more to reduce carbon emissions than any other policy. I would end subsidies that favor other forms of energy, and remove obstacles that block the wider adoption of nuclear power.

What are your healthcare plans?
I would work to restore free-market healthcare. We need price visibility and competition to lower costs.

What are your views on Supreme Court appointments?
I would only appoint people who will actually obey the Constitution, including especially the rigorous limitations placed on government power by the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Those are Jo Jorgensen's answers above and I agree 100% with her.

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